A JA Program for grades 9 to 12

Securing traditional jobs is becoming increasingly difficult for youth. In 2020, almost 17 per cent of 15 to 24 year olds were unemployed in Canada, a significant increase from the previous year.

In this challenging job market, entrepreneurs are the key to job growth. Many Canadian youth have the passion to launch their own businesses to create jobs for themselves and others. However, the skills that young people need to run businesses aren’t taught in most schools.

JA’s Be Entrepreneurial program inspires grade students to imagine a business venture while still in school. Volunteers from the local business community partner with teachers to ignite students’ entrepreneurial spirit and help them create business plans. Students become inspired to see new opportunities, innovate and start new businesses.

Students will
  • Receive an introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Understand why planning is key to starting a business
  • Identify products or services they can take to market
  • Determine their competitive advantage and define a target market
  • Lay the foundation for a venture and develop a business strategy
  • Learn what resources are available to help them move forward with their entrepreneurial dreams
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