A JA program for grades 9 to 12

Over a four-month period, JA’s Company Program teaches grades nine to 12 students how to organize and operate a real business. With the help of volunteers from the local business community, students will design, manage and liquidate a business as they learn to launch and run a small enterprise. Students will gain business confidence and experience as this hands-on program empowers them to become Canada’s future CEOs.

    Students will
  • Solve real business challenges
  • Gather data, evaluate choices and create a business plan
  • Learn how to incorporate their business
  • Capitalize by selling shares
  • Develop and market a product or service
  • Learn about teamwork, responsibility and business ethics
  • Appoint a management team to best enable them to achieve their company’s mission
  • Maintain and analyze financial records
  • Set sales goals and make effective sales pitches
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Hear from JA-NEO alumnus Megan Collyer on how JA’s Company Program helped inspire and empower her to pursue her career goals.

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