Invest in JA

In this uncertain world, young people need our support.

Our school board-approved online and in-person programs transform students grades three to 12 by giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in school, work and life. We empower students to connect classroom learning to the real world, increasing the value of education. Achievers are more likely to stay in school, launch businesses and become leaders and innovators in their communities.

When you invest in JA, you:
  • Invest in the lives of students to give them a brighter future
  • Help ensure students are financially literate and workforce ready when they graduate
  • Inspire youth to start their own businesses, creating jobs and strengthening our economy
  • Allow us to continue to deliver our programs at no cost to students or schools

Notice to Our Donors

Unlike other platforms, Simplyk does not charge transaction fees, so your entire donation goes directly to JA Northern and Eastern Ontario. However, the platform does give you the option to add a tip to help Simplyk keep running its services. If you don’t want to add a tip, in section 03, just choose Other in the drop-down menu and then enter $0.


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Thank you to our Investors!