Make an Investment In Our Youth

In the last school year (2019-2020), JA-NEO reached 1,600 students – thanks to the support of our investors from across the community.  More than 167 volunteers and mentors helped us deliver programs to students from elementary through to high school. 

Our programs transform students by giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in school, business and life. Achievers are more likely to stay in school, launch businesses and become leaders and innovators in their communities.

When you support JA, you:

  • Invest in the lives of students and give them a brighter future
  • Help ensure students are financially literate and workforce ready when they graduate
  • Inspire youth to start their own businesses, create jobs and strengthen our economy

“In terms of societal prosperity, the findings conclude JA returns $45 for every $1 invested.”

Boston Consulting Group Report 2011

Help JA continue to make a positive impact. Invest today.