NEW in 2022
JA-NEO announces the launch of the World of Choices Career Week! Learn more!

Helping students learn about new career paths from current industry professionals

A JA program for grade 10 and co-op students

World of Choices (WOC) is an in-person or virtual event aimed at helping grade 10 students discover new career choices and learn from local industry professionals.

In this program, students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with potential educational paths, getting a glimpse into the day-to-day of a variety of careers while learning about and challenging the myths surrounding them. Students will feel empowered to continue their education towards a chosen career and be better equipped to meet the challenges of today’s working world.

Students will:
  • Become empowered to succeed in designing a career path
  • Learn the tools to better meet the challenges of today’s work world
  • Capitalize on career opportunities in emerging, traditional and non-traditional fields
  • Gain a better understanding of careers and the educational foundation needed
  • Discover educational opportunities
  • Develop a proactive attitude about a future career
  • Understand industry and labour market trends
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On May 16-20, students from across Northern and Eastern Ontario will participate in the new JA-NEO World of Choices Career Week. Students will participate in half-day sessions where they will hear first-hand about specific industries, roles, and the jobs of tomorrow from real-life career mentors.

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Cody McIntyre, Operations Manager
Alicia Hopkins, Program Manager